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about me

For over 10 years I have been working as a psychological counsellor in the areas of crisis management, couple, sexual and LGBTQIA+ counselling.

Through my work in different European countries, I was able to broaden my understanding of the most diverse cultural backgrounds.

My professional career began more than 30 years ago. As a managing director, management and career consultant and coach, I have constantly expanded and refined my skills as a counsellor.

Wagner Paarberatung LGBTQ
Über mich

What is Life and Social Counseling?

Life and social counseling (psychological counselling) has been firmly anchored in the Austrian health system for many years and forms a pillar of health care.

With around three years of theoretical instruction and 750 hours of practical training, a Life and Social Counselors have a sound education and are allowed to work in all areas of psychological counselling.

In contrast to psychologists, they do not deal with mental illnesses, but work with people who are looking for advice and help about their own life, crises, partnership, family, sexuality or grief.

Life and Social Counsellors help to find your own individual way through crises into a happy future. Equipped with many different techniques from psychology, philosophy, interviewing and coaching, they have the opportunity to respond to the individual needs of the client and to accompany them through the crisis.

Further information from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce about the professional field of life and social counselors can be found at

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