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As a counselor, I offer a safe space for anyone seeking advice or help.

There is no topic too small, too big or too unusual to discuss with me.

All questions and topics are allowed and all clients enjoy the same protection of privacy and absolute confidentiality.

individual consultation

Life can be challenging. Whether you are in a crisis or want to (re)orientate yourself, outside support can be helpful and crucial in focusing your own thoughts in order to be able to lead a happy and contented life.

In psychological counseling, we analyze your life situation together and find solutions that suit you and your situation. I never follow a fixed scheme, but find very individual approaches so that you can implement them in your life.

For many years I have been advising in the areas of personality development, crisis management, partnership, sexuality, LQBTQIA+ and career development. But there are many other topics that you are welcome to discuss with me.


Couples Counseling

A partnership requires maintenance and work, regardless of whether it is very new or has been in existence for a long time. Problems can arise very early or throughout life, and sometimes they've been there for a long time and just never been addressed. Current events can also bring partnerships into crisis. It is never too early or too late to work on the partnership and to overcome difficult situations.

The psychological counselor can help you to improve understanding in the partnership. Working out solutions with couples in order to lead a permanently happy and satisfied partnership is part of psychological counseling for couples. It doesn't matter if the problems are related to communication, shared interests, or sexuality. I offer a safe space for everyone involved and advise the partners individually or together, just as they feel most comfortable.



Sexuality is a topic that many people do not like to discuss. Especially with friends and/or family, this is often a taboo subject. For most people, however, a fulfilled life includes a fulfilling sex life.

Whether in a partnership or as a single, questions arise in most people's lives, such as: what do I like sexually, who am I, am I too unusual, how can I live out my sexuality, what does my partner like, how do I go with them about his inclinations and how do I convey my own desires, dreams and inclinations to a (sexual) partner?

Here I can help as a consultant on many levels. Together we will find out what you need, how to communicate with partners and what variants there are. I am open to all questions and do not judge or condemn anyone.


LGBTQIA+ advice

LGBTQIA+ stands for: L=lesbian, G=gay (gay), B=bisexual, T=transsexual, Q=queer, I=intersexual, A=asexual, +=for all people who otherwise feel they belong.

I have been dealing with the topic of LQBTQIA+ for many years. I counsel people who feel, want to feel, or are insecure about belonging to this group, as well as family and friends who have loved ones who identify themselves as LGBTQIA+.

Finding your own path is difficult for many people. But if you also have the feeling of being different from the people around you, the path becomes even more difficult. I will help you to find your own path and, if you wish, I will accompany you through all the steps towards a self-determined future.

I help to communicate with family, friends and work colleagues and support the development phase, coming out and all other phases of life.

My job is to bring the topic closer to people close to me, to be able to deal with people more easily and to be supportive if desired. Parents benefit from my experience as a father when their own children develop in an unexpected direction.

For years I have been involved in volunteer work on the subject of LGBTQIA+, as a workshop leader, lecturer and management consultant.


corporate consulting

I offer an extensive portfolio for companies. Visit for more information

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