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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions

What are the Corona restrictions?

Currently I can only offer on-site counseling for people with 2G proof wearing an FFP2 mask. I also offer advice via video conference. I use various systems such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, WebEx and Microsoft Teams. I am happy to help with simple installation and usage questions.

Where is the advice offered?

I offer online advice via video conference but also on site. Since I am in the process of being set up in Austria, I am currently still using various practice rooms in Salzburg, Upper Austria and in Germany and can therefore also offer appointments in your area. There is also the possibility that I come to your home or for a walk consultation in nature.

What is the free initial consultation for?

During the 30-minute initial consultation, we clarify your basic questions and concerns. I explain the procedure, give an estimate of the number of hours required and answer initial questions. The first interview should enable you to get a feeling whether I am the right consultant for you and whether you feel comfortable. We can agree in advance that if everything goes well, the first counseling session will follow immediately.

As a life and social counselor in training under supervision, can you already help me?

Yes. I have been working as a psychological counselor in Germany and Great Britain for over 10 years. In Austria, the quality of this activity is properly controlled and regulated. Therefore, despite my experience, I am currently in training. I can therefore draw on my extensive knowledge, but also refine my skills and broaden my horizons.

If I want couples counseling, do both partners always have to be there?

No. It is helpful to attend joint counseling sessions. But individual sessions, in which one certainly feels more free to formulate one's feelings, are also part of couples counseling. How many lessons you take together or individually depends entirely on your personal needs.

In which languages do you offer advice?

I can currently offer advice in German and English.

How many hours of counseling make sense?

If you have a specific problem or crisis, you should feel a significant improvement in your situation after 2-5 hours. If you have questions about different life situations or holistic advice, the need for advice may increase. However, the aim is to quickly accompany you into a state of well-being.

Do you offer long-term care (mental hygiene)?

Yes. Mental hygiene means regularly discussing various aspects of life. As a neutral and reflective interlocutor, I help to perceive the most diverse perspectives and to incorporate them into life decisions.

What does the psychological counseling cost?

An initial consultation of 30 minutes is free of charge. Since I am currently a life and social counselor in training under supervision, you only pay a fee for individual hours of 40 € and with two people for 60 €. After my graduation and for professional and career advice, the single hour costs 90€ and for two people 120€.

How can I pay?

Payments are possible in many ways - cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card on site or online payment via payment link.

Does health insurance cover the costs?

Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover the costs of psychological counseling.

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